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American Dream®™ Law Office PLLC Wins EB-5 Case for Foreign Investor

Yesterday, American Dream™ Law Office PLLC received USCIS approval for a stand-alone EB-5 petition for one of its clients. The client is now awaiting the processing of his immigrant visa by the State Department’s National Visa Center in New Hampshire.

The Eb-5 program was approved by Congress in the 1990s to attract capital investments into the United States. The program allows an investor to invest certain amounts of capital in the United States to receive an immigrant visa, and eventually lawful permanent residence (green card). The beneficiary would be able to immigrant to the United States as a lawful permanent resident with any of his family members who are under 21 years old, if applicable.

The process is cumbersome and gets more complicated depending on the amount and area of investment. The program calls for a minimum investment of $500,000 in a rural area or a Targeted Employment Area, defined as an area with at least %150 of national unemployment. The program calls for an investment of at least $1,000,000 in all other areas. The investment must be in a company that was established after November 29, 1990, or if the company was established before, must meet several other requirements. A successful petition would grant an investor conditional permanent residence for two years. The investor must show that his investment created or in the process of creating at least 10 qualified jobs to remove the conditions on the residence after two years. The investment could be in any for-profit organization.

Two forms of processes could be used for the investment: through a stand-alone entity or through a regional center. A stand-alone entity is an entity that would be established and run by the individual investor; a regional center is an investment company that is pre-approved by USCIS to receive foreign investments from foreign investors and petition for their lawful permanent residence. The terms for the various regional centers are different, and an individual investor must carefully consider the financials of the chosen center with the help of a certified financial agent to ensure success.

At American Dream™ Law Office PLLC, we would be glad to help you with all aspects of the petition process. Through our connections,  we could introduce you to individuals to help with the company’s financial analysis, business planning, and drafting an effective business plan that would increase your chances of success. We will also do our best to guide you through the immigrant visa process to ensure that you and your family take the first steps towards your American Dream™.

Please note that individuals results vary and that any reference in this post regarding past results should not be construed as a promise or guarantee of any results.

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