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Understanding Senate Bill 1718: An Overview for Immigrants


What Does The Senate Bill 1718 Really Entail_

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The recent introduction of Senate Bill 1718 has sent ripples of concern and uncertainty through the immigrant community, particularly among those without documentation. The apprehension surrounding this bill could discourage some from seeking necessary medical attention, for fear of their immigration status being exposed or jeopardizing their safety or that of their family. However, we want to alleviate these fears and clarify what this bill really means for you and your loved ones.

SB 1718: A Requirement for Hospitals

Senate Bill 1718 requires hospitals that receive Medicaid to submit quarterly reports regarding the undocumented populations they serve. However, this requirement should not frighten or deter individuals from seeking medical attention when needed. Let’s explore why. 

Personal Information Remains Confidential

Under SB 1718, hospitals are required to submit quarterly reports detailing the number of undocumented immigrants they have treated. Importantly, these reports do not involve sharing individual patient details or immigration status. The focus is solely on the broad statistics, not on personal specifics. This provision is designed to uphold patient privacy and confidentiality, key principles in healthcare. Therefore, if you, your child, or any family member needs medical care, rest assured that your personal information will remain confidential during your hospital visit.

Implications for Undocumented Immigrants

The bill has raised questions and concerns within the undocumented community, with many wondering what this means for them. The purpose of SB 1718 is not to identify or expose undocumented immigrants. Instead, its goal is to collect aggregate data on the number of undocumented immigrants using hospital services. This data is essential for policy decisions, budgetary planning, and healthcare resource allocation at the state and national levels. Therefore, it’s important for every individual, regardless of their immigration status, to seek medical attention when they are unwell. The priority is your health, and this bill should not deter anyone from getting the medical care they need.

Not a Pathway to Deportation

One of the most pressing concerns that undocumented immigrants face when dealing with institutions is the fear of deportation. It’s crucial to understand that SB 1718 is not a tool for deportation. Its primary function is data collection for the betterment of health service planning and resource distribution. This bill does not provide any mechanism to use the collected data for immigration enforcement or deportation procedures. Therefore, undocumented individuals should feel secure when seeking medical attention. The goal is to ensure everyone has access to the healthcare they need without fear.

Seeking Legal Advice if Worried about SB 1718

Our attorney understands that bills like SB 1718 can raise concerns among the immigrant community. If you have questions or fears about the implications of SB 1718, it is important to get accurate legal advice.

Our attorney is here to guide you and provide the necessary reassurances. Whether you are already our client or a potential new one, do not hesitate to get in touch if you are worried about how this bill could affect you or your loved ones.

For Help With Immigration Issues

Understanding immigration laws can be challenging, especially when new bills like SB 1718 come into play. However, you do not have to face these challenges alone. The American Dream® Law Office, PLLC is here to help.

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