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Thanks to the North American Free Trade Agreement, immigrants between the United States, Mexico, and Canada can now apply for TN visas. Any Canadian who wants to live and work in the United States must apply for a TN visa.

The application process for a TN visa is often complex and challenging for those applying independently. It’s best to seek out the services of a qualified immigration attorney who can walk you through the process and handle any problems that may arise.

If you need an immigration lawyer, the American Dream Law Office can help. Let’s look at what qualifies you for a TN visa, how to apply, and other requirements and restrictions.

Do I Qualify for a TN Visa?

Regardless of your home country, you must be a citizen of Canada to be eligible for a TN visa. You should also know that the TN category of visas is meant for any immigrant who wishes to work in the United States but does not seek citizenship there.

Along with Canadian citizenship, you must work in one of the job types explicitly listed in the NAFTA agreement. You cannot be self-employed and must have the appropriate qualifications for the job you seek. Moreover, the job itself needs to require a nonimmigrant employee.

How Do I Apply for a TN Visa?

You do not need to go to a United States embassy or consulate to apply for a TN visa. Any eligible citizen can receive TN status by providing their documents to U.S. Customs.

Once you’ve gotten to the port of entry, you’ll need to give the agent on duty proof of citizenship and a letter written by your future employer. You’ll also need to submit to an evaluation of your credentials and pay the associated fees.

TN Visa Requirements

While you can apply at the border immediately before entering the United States, you can also apply ahead of time via your employer. No matter how you apply, you will need to bring a passport, birth certificate, or valid Canadian driver’s license.

You’ll also need to bring pay stubs, a W-2, or a letter from your employer to prove your employment status. You’ll need to provide a copy of your relevant degree or certification, and you’ll have to include a letter that lists your qualifications, the type of work you’re in, and how long you’ll be staying in the country.

Possible Restrictions

To maintain your TN visa, you must stay employed, not participate in a strike, file a new TN visa application if you switch employers, and renew your status before it expires. You also cannot be self-employed or fired from your position. It is crucial to meet these requirements.

American Dream Law Office Can Help

The American Dream Law Office exists to help clients through their immigration process. Our experienced and compassionate immigration attorneys can help clients apply for a TN visa. Call American Dream Law Office in Temple Terrace, FL, at (813) 499-1250 to get started today.

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