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Will You Be Overseeing My Case Through To Its Resolution?


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Will you be overseeing my case through to its resolution?

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Will you be overseeing my case through resolution? Of course, I will. I started practicing immigration law because I wanted people to reach their American dream through the immigration process. So what good would it be if I actually just helped you through one part or one third of the journey and I didn’t take you all the way until the end? Now every lawyer has a different process and any lawyer that actually promises you that they will win from the beginning is absolutely lying to you because no one can guarantee a result. My goal is to win your case from the first step, but if we need to go further for you to reach that American dream, I will be more than happy to help you until you are happy.

We have represented clients from when they were students on student visa all the way to them becoming citizens. And just give me one second. I have represented clients all the way from the non-immigrant visa process all the way to when they became US citizens. I tell you, I have been through the same process and I know how much it means to you, and I’ll make sure that I do everything possible for you to reach your American dream no matter how long that process takes.

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Do you want to do blue jacket or do you want me to switch to a different color?

Speaker 1:

Blue’s good. I think just as long as it’s different, that’d be good.

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