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Speaker 1:
Okay. Why should I hire you for my case?

Speaker 2:
Why should I hire you for my case? Yeah. This is probably the one question that immigration attorneys and attorneys themselves absolutely hate to get past. If I go to a fancy restaurant, I can’t just go back in there and make my steak myself. That cook in the back or the chef in the back has done this before, and they’re probably going to make a better steak than I can. I can probably grill a steak, but it’s not going to be as good as the one that he makes me. So, can you do immigration on your own? Absolutely, positively, you can do immigration on your own, but I promise you that if you hire the attorney from the beginning and don’t wait until the case is messed up, it’s going to cost you less money than if you do it on your own and you get a denial.
This is what I tell people. You can do it on your own, but I promise a lot of people, even experienced attorneys sometimes, miss something in the case that actually changes the outcome of the case itself. And I’ve seen it happen, and I’ve made a lot of money from people who applied on their own before when they shouldn’t have. So why you should hire an attorney, probably the question should not be why you should hire Ahmed from the American Dream® Law Office. The question should be, why should I hire an attorney? They know how to do it. Just like that person or the chef knows how to make that steak, the attorney knows how to make your case to immigration. Now, why should you hire the American Dream® Law Office? I have been where you are. I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve done every single thing that has led me to my American dream.
So if you are going through it, I have gone through it. This is why you should hire the American Dream® Law Office and not another attorney. Hire me because I am experienced and know what you are going through. That’s why you should hire an attorney, and you should hire me when you’re doing your immigration case.