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I’m Ahmad Yakzan, I’m the fearless leader of the American dream team at the American dream office. And I’m coming today to talk to you about something that i've never done before. A lot of you have dealt with me know that I don't come down on any on any of my prices. I don't make any special offers or anything. But today I have an announcement that's huge. Today, until the end of June, I'm doing naturalization cases for $2020.00 and I'm doing it for one reason. I'm doing it for you to be able to vote in the 2020 elections. If you live in the jurisdiction of the temple USCIS office, you don't have any criminal convictions, I will do everything for you for your naturalization case: from beginning to end. That's applying for its 20 page form, going with you to the interview, preparing you for the interview, walking out of there making sure that everything is OK. So remember if you live within the jurisdiction of the Tampa USCIS office don't have any disqualifying things. I wanna make your dream come true I wanna make you US citizen for $2020.00. Call US (888) 991-3336 24-7 to schedule strategy session with me. Thank you.