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Ahmad Yakzan on Non-Immigrant Visas

Good Morning, my name is Ahmad Yakzan with the American Dream®™ Law Office, I just wanted to come up today and talk with all of our followers on Facebook. We have a lot of exciting news. I want to discuss non-immigrant visas with you today.

We opened an office in Washington D.C. and hopefully, we have a couple of offices overseas popping up very soon. We are ready to help you if you’re in the United States or outside the United States, the number is 1-(888) 991-3336 or if your calling from outside of the United States (888) 991-3336. I want to talk today about Investment Visas for my friends outside of the United States who follow our page, there are a bunch of Visas we can use to help you. The first one is a B-1 & B-2 visa, which is very simple, a lot of you might have it, the visa a lot of people use to come here to visit the United States. The visitor Visa is actually 2 parts, B-1 & B-2, so if you have the B-1 & B-2 visa, you can come here for business or for pleasure to be here in the United States. So if you come here to the United States to do business, for example; if you want to open a branch for your company here in the United States, you can come on the B-1 part of the visa and then stay here, talk to people, manage contracts, negotiate contracts and it will not count against you if you actually do that under the B-1 part of the B-1 & B-2. The other visa I love to do is an E-2 visa, and these visas are actually based on a treaty between the United States and your country of your Citizenship, for example; almost all of Europe has that visa, so your friends of the U.K. and Germany have an E-2 visa. Also, overseas, in the Middle East for example, Far east, I know Pakistan has an E-2 visa and South Korea, Hong Kong (which is not the mainland) so if you want to come here and open a company and you’re a citizen of one of those countries, you can come here, entry-level is actually very low, there is no minimum for that visa, for example, if you’re a professional you can literally have a couch and a laptop and open ones of those companies and get one of those visas, so it’s E-1 or E-2 visas, it’s 2 parts. The E-1 visa is for international trade, so if you are doing 1% of International Trade out of your gross income, then we can get you the E-1 visa. The E-2 visa you come here invest your money in a company that you want to oversee, then we will use that company to get you an E-2 visa. Everyone in your family can come here, your spouse and your children, everyone under 21 can come here, go to school and do all these things. You have to renew the visa every 2 years so It will help you with the initial and we can help apply for the extensions  when you need them, the really nice thing about this you can do it here while your in the United States or we can do it while your overseas, find your company and we can apply for the visa straight from the embassy, you do not have to come here first. Also, we have the L-1 visa in the United States, the L-I visa is for International Executives or Managers, if you own a company overseas and you want to come open a branch here in the United States, we can do a transfer, we will open a company here, you will have employees, you have to have employees overseas and employees here in the United States, so we would use these two companies to actually get you an L-1 visa and that visa leads to a Permanent Resident or what people know as a green card, down the road  after we actually meet some requirements. The last one I want to talk to you today is about the EB-5 visa, a lot of people refer to it as a half a million-dollar green card, it is a little more complicated than that but, you can get permanent residence instead of just getting a temporary visa to visit the United States. So when we are doing that there are also 2 parts; number 1, we can apply through direct investment, we will find you a company, or we will find you an investment idea, you will come here, put the $500,000.00 in your own business, run it, manage it, do whatever you want and then you get a permanent resident card using that. Number 2, we can do it through investment, in the investment center, that’s is sponsored by the U.S. Government, that is ok for the U.S. government to receive international investments, we call those regional centers, there is more than 200 of them. Whatever you want to do, we can find you something if you just want to invest your money and not have to work. You can go sit in Miami Beach or Daytona Beach, sip a drink on the beach every single day, it doesn’t matter, you will get your Permanent residence. The nice thing about this is that you actually

Can put all the investors together, you have to have 10 workers for 1 Investor for you to be able to apply for this. So, if you just don’t care and want to apply for your Green Card and just get the proceeds from your investments, this is fine too. We can find a lot of things for you if you want to come to the United States, you need to call or go to the website to set up an appt. to speak to me. Unfortunately, I can’t just pick up the phone all the time and speak to people, so go to and you can schedule a consultation there, there is a $125.00 charge for it. $125.00 will be taken out for whatever I end up charging you for the case, so you won’t lose the money if there is something I can do for you, or if there’s nothing I can do for you, all you did was spend $125.00. I promise I try to keep my consultation fees very low to help people out. The number is (888) 991-3336 international or if you are calling from the United States 1-(888) 991-3336. We do have some numbers posted on our website, a free number for Egypt and a free number for Jordan. I do a lot of visas from Egypt and Jordan, if you want to let us know how we can help, go to the website, again the website is, we can sit down and talk about whatever we can help you with.

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