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I’m Attorney Ahmad Yakzan from the American Dream® Law Office. One of the most popular searches for immigration attorneys online is ‘immigration attorney near me’. In this video, I wanna share with you three questions you should ask when you google ‘immigration attorney near me’ and speak to an attorney. The first question is, has the immigration attorney near you been through the immigration process themselves? Now I’m not saying that a person who was born in the United States cannot be an immigration attorney. I have a lot of friends who are immigration attorneys who were born in the United States. However, immigration attorneys like myself, who have gone through the immigration process themselves, can give you another advantage. They understand what you’re going through. Just like I understand what you’re going through. You need to hire an attorney who has actually been through the process themselves. The second question I want you to ask is, has the attorney done cases like yours? Now I’m not saying that if the attorney has not done a case like yours, they cannot figure it out. We’re smart. Immigration lawyers who’ve been practicing for a very long time, actually, you know, can figure it out. The problem is, if the attorney has not done cases like yourself, it’s more likely that they’re not experienced enough to do your case. So I would ask you to ask when you google ‘the immigration attorney near me’, I would like you to ask the attorney if they’ve done cases like yours. Now Florida Bar rules prohibit the attorney from telling you or guaranteeing the result in your case. They can tell you if they’ve done cases like yours and if they won ’em or lost them but they cannot guarantee the result. The third question that I want you to ask when you google ‘the immigration attorney near me’ is, does the attorney practice immigration law exclusively? I’m not saying that a lawyer who practices more than one area of practice is not a good immigration attorney, but if they practice immigration law exclusively, it’s more likely that they’re very well versed in immigration law and they will be able to help you. One of USCIS’s spokespeople said that immigration attorneys are worth their weight in gold. I believe that immigration attorneys are worth their weights in diamonds. I think we do a very hard job every day, and a person who exclusively practices immigration law will be able to help you more than if that person practices several practice areas. I want you to like it and like this video please, and share it and give me any questions that you have either here, visit our websites at www.americandreamlawoffice.com or call us at (888) 991-3336. We’re open 24/7 to answer any questions you have.

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