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#GovernmentShutdown Affecting Your #AmericanDream™?

So now that we are in the midst of a #governmentshutdown, you may be wondering what will happen to your pending case before #USCIS. You might have a case before the #immigration_court and wonder if you should appear, or you have a case before the consulate in your country and wonder if you should appear for the interview.

The answer is very simple, always show up, even if you believe your case is canceled. Also, depending on the country and the service, try to get physical proof that you were there, like a dated picture in case you get a denial for non-appearance. Do not worry though, because below is a rundown of the services that will be affected by the #governmentshutdown.


USCIS will not be affected by the #governmentshutdown since it is fee-based. In its press release relating to the shutdown, #USCIS said the following programs might be affected, however:

  • EB-5 Regional Center Program
  • E-Verify
  • Conrad 30 J-1 Doctors
  • Certain R religious workers

So, if your case is not one of those affected, you SHOULD appear for your interview, respond to that #RequestforEvidence, or file your case.

Executive Office for Immigration Review (Immigration Court) 

Most cases at immigration courts will be affected, except those for detained immigrants. Most court staff will be furloughed, except those dealing with detained cases. You should expect a cancellation notice for your hearing if you are not detained.

Department of State

The Department of State will continue its operations until residual balances in its budgets are exhausted. We do not know what that means, but if you have a case before a consulate, you should check the local website to see if your consulate is still operating. You should expect delays at the National Visa Center where cases are initially processed since its funding is related to Congressional appropriations.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

ICE agents are deemed necessary and will work during the shutdown. Although, attorneys at the department who deal with detained cases in court will also work during the shutdown.

The #GovernmentShutdown is Necessary to Help #Dreamers

I know that the #governmentshutdown seems unnecessary for some people. However, in my opinion, it is a necessary step to protect #DREAMERS. If you need any help with your case, please call us at (888) 991-3336 to schedule a time to talk to me.

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