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Six Ways To Prove Your Marriage Is Real: Permanent Residency

If you’re applying for permanent resident status based on your marriage to a U.S. citizen or green card holder, you must prove your marriage is real. Since getting married for visa purposes is a common type of immigration fraud, USCIS typically requests proof of the couple’s shared life apart from legal documents like a marriage certificate. The more evidence you provide, the better.

So, how do you show your marriage is bona fide? Below are six types of documentation that can act as strong evidence of a genuine marriage.

1. Evidence of Communication

You and your spouse should have a backlog of communication like emails, text messages, phone call records, and possibly even letters or cards you have sent each other. USCIS may want to look into some of these records to check whether your relationship is real.

2. Proof of Meeting in Person

As two people from different countries, you and your spouse should provide evidence of meeting and spending time together in person. Airplane tickets, travel itineraries, and hotel reservations could serve as valuable evidence. Photos of you with any other family members present are also very useful.

3. Evidence of Courtship

Did you and your spouse document the memorable occasion of your marriage proposal and/or celebrating your engagement with family and friends? Photos, videos, and event invitations related to your courtship could support your application.

4. Multiple Photos of You Two Together

As a married couple, you should be able to produce evidence of spending time together over a substantial period. Photos of you two throughout your relationship, possibly with friends and family or on vacations you took together, will attest to the genuine nature of your marriage. Ideally, you’ll include your wedding album with pictures of your wedding ceremony.

5. Joint Bank Accounts and Property

Most married couples commingle their finances. Joint bank accounts and credit card statements that document expenses like rent or mortgage payments, groceries, and bills can prove your marriage is real.

Also, if you and your spouse own a home, vehicle, stocks, or any other property together, you should provide documents showing you hold the assets in both your names.

6. Proof of Family Connections

You and/or your spouse likely have family members such as parents, siblings, or even children from previous relationships. Both of you should provide proof of meeting each other’s families—for example, a photo showing a get-together with your in-laws.

If you have children together, provide copies of your children’s birth or adoption certificates. If you or your spouse are currently pregnant, include medical records confirming the pregnancy.

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