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How do I apply for my United States Citizenship?
Gaining your United States citizenship is one of the most important events in your life. Our office has helped numerous individuals in their application process; we would love to help you achieve your dream of United States Citizenship.
Applying for United States citizenship is a very important process, and we know that we are the right firm for the process. Attorney Ahmad Yakzan has valuable experience in this process will guide you through the application process and will be there to represent you during your naturalization interview. Attorney Ahmad Yakzan has also represented several individuals in applying for derived citizenship, the process of gaining United States citizenship because the applicant’s parents were United States citizens.
What is Naturalization?
Naturalization is the process during which a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) applies for United States citizenship. The process could be complicated, especially if the Lawful Permanent Resident has something in his history which prevents him from attaining United States citizenship, such as illegal voting. To apply for naturalization a person must possess the following, among other things:
• Be a person of Good Moral Character: The definition of Good Moral Character is very complicated. Several things including past criminal history, non-payment of taxes, illegal voting, non-support of dependents, among other things, may prevent a Lawful Permanent Resident from gaining naturalization. The government may look at your history and deny citizenship for discretionary reasons; in other words, even if you qualify, the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services may still deny you application. It is crucial to have an experienced attorney on your side when applying for naturalization to protect your rights, especially if you have such disqualifying factors mentioned above.
• Meet the Continuous Residence and Physical Presence Requirements: A lawful Permanent Resident must meet the continuous residence requirement to be eligible for naturalization. Such period depends on the individual’s circumstances, but usually it is 30 months in the five years before the application. This period is decreased to 18 months out of the three years preceding the application if the individual is married to a citizen of the United States. Interruptions in permanent residence may disqualify an individual from applying for naturalization, with certain exceptions. For example, a Lawful Permanent Resident may not remain outside the United States for more than 180 days (with certain exceptions). Absences over 360 days from the United States invalidate a Lawful Permanent Resident’s status and may subject him or her to removal proceedings. It is important to hire an experienced attorney like the attorneys at American Dream Law Office PLLC to help you apply for naturalization, especially when you might have such interruptions in your status that might disqualify you from naturalization.
• Must Pass the Civics and Language Tests: An applicant for naturalization must also pass the civics and English Language requirements. The civics exam consists of 100 questions, and a successful applicant must answer six out of ten questions to pass the examination. The applicant must also pass the English Requirement by showing abilities in both written and spoken English. There are certain requirements and exemptions to this requirement, which depend on the applicant’s own circumstances such as age, disability, and presence in the United States.
• Other Requirements: There are several other requirements that must be met. Call us today for a consultation to determine whether you qualify for citizenship.
What is Derivative Citizenship?
Derivative citizenship is the process under which an individual gains citizenship through naturalization of one parent, birth to United States citizen parents, or adoption by United States parents. There are several requirements that must be met for such process, and you must consult with an experienced immigration attorney before applying for such status. Call us today for a consultation.
For more information about naturalization please visit this link.